Essential Information for Recruiting RNs Nationally

Is your Organization Looking to Build a National Recruiting Presence to Recruit RNs?

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RN Incentives Report

The RN Incentives Map and Report covers over 3k registered nurse job postings throughout the US that include incentives:
1. Sign On Bonus
2. Retention Bonus
3. Relocation Assistance
4. Education Assistance
5. Pay, if mentioned in Ad

Members Only Map Demo - Dynamic and Interactive

For Organizations that Are Looking to Build a National Recruitment Brand for providers (Physicians, Advanced Practice) and Clinicians (Registered Nurses, Techs, etc.)
What does it Take to build a National Recruiting Brand for  ProvidersClinicians?

10 Step Summary

  • Simplifying the job application process
  • ​Technology solution selection for RN recruitment
  • Shortening the interview and offer process
  • ​Identifying the competitive landscape for provider|clinical recruitment
  • ​Repositioning/branding in the most advantageous way
  • ​Offering communication and transparency of the job via pictures and video
  • ​What types of pictures and videos should be used
  • ​Distributing media rich content on devices where RNs will see it
  • ​Leveraging hiring events
  • ​Metrics and reporting for reporting to leadership

Providers including: MD|DO, NP|PA
Clinicians including: RN, LPN, Tech, etc.

What You Will Learn From Watching the Series:
Secret #1: Find out tips on how to develop a strategy for your national recruiting campaign
Recruit nurses of a diverse background beyond your catchment area.
Secret #2: Learn what content to use/not use in your paid and organic listings
Know what types of content resonates with your potential audience.
Secret #3: The best ways to promote your employer brand to reach your audience
Know where to get the best results in order for the most qualified applicants.
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Things You Will Be able to Learn/Watch:

  •  How to advertise certain clinical positions effectively so that they will reach your intended audience?
  • ​What should go in your videos so that clinical candidates are more likely to apply?
  • ​How can you retool/train existing staff to perform some of the recruitment marketing activities?
  • ​What are other facilities doing in HR & TA that we can learn from?
  • ​What are current hot topics and ideas that are affecting healthcare?

Examples of Content:

  •  All About Healthcare Talent Acquisition
  • ​Perspectives Live! (Show with Guests)
  • ​Nurse Guidance TV (Show with Nurse Guests)

Coaching & Research Information:

  • RN Incentives Spreadsheet, Updated Monthly ($19 million in incentives | Over 2.9k job postings documented)
  • ​RN Incentives Map (interactive), Updated Monthly 
  • ​RN Job Postings Index Spreadsheet and Slides, Updated Monthly
  • ​​RN Job Openings Index Spreadsheet and Slides, Updated Monthly
  • ​Full access to HR Maximizer TV and Nurse Guidance Content

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